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About me

Born in Switzerland in 1992, I started my musical journey at the age of 13 with the electric bass, soon to be joined by the Scottish bagpipes. I played different styles with different formations, and taught myself how to play double bass, irish whistle, acoustic guitar and others.

After my graduation from the Circus School of Québec, I was lucky to play music in a circus show alongside with acrobatics, until the pandemic hit us. Being a big fan of Antoine Dufour, Jon Gomm and Andy McKee, I used this opportunity to delve into the fingerstyle world and started writing my first solo album in the beginning of 2021. 

This album, named "Polar Eclipse", was deeply inspired by climate change and was released in Spring 2022.

Analog Recording

Thanks to Anssi Kippo from Astia Studio, I discovered the power of a true analog signal chain and therefore decided to record my album all analog.



On my solo album I play:

- a Loef Guitar

- a Sandberg Custom Thinline 5 strings

- a MK Pro Low D Whistle

For my guitar sound I use Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze Strings, K&K Pure Mini, Trinity and Double Helix pickups, Grace Design Felix2 preamp, Boss OC-5, Suhr Discovery, Keeley Aurora and TC Electronics Ditto X2.

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